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Company Profile & History

The Saru Group (Saru Smelting & Refining Corporation) was established in 1942 in India and is now a leading name in manufacturing alloys & semi-ferrous alloys of tin, lead, bismuth and cadmium in a variety of shapes and sizes. Saru Group has an invaluable experience in the non-ferrous metal alloys & semi-ferrous alloys industry given its history, diverse range of clients, new age technology and visionary management.

Today, it has a diverse range of products. It caters to the industries relating to Defence, Nuclear Power, Nuclear Medicine, Electricals & Electronics, Academia, AeroSpace, Heavy Industries & Research Institutions amongst others. We are now leaders in manufacturing custom shapes and sizes in Lead, Bismuth and Cadmium, Silver, Indium sheets, foils, strips, preforms, bricks, mats, powders etc.


SARU SHIELDING was formed in the year 2011 as a division to provide for the growing needs of the Indian & International Nuclear Shielding industry.

The specialty of SARU SHIELDING is in its products & solutions for all ionizing & non-ionizing radiation shielding needs.

Our team of highly qualified manpower comprising of Doctors, Engineers, Metallurgist, Physicists, Designers, Technicians and Fitters strive to deliver the most efficient solutions to all your Radiation Shielding needs.

SARU, has its production unit, with state-of-the-art equipment in the National Capital Region of India. The unit is capable of handling castings weighing from a couple of grams to 10,000 kgs. 

Shashank Jain, Director
Mr. Shashank Jain is the leader and visionary for SARU and runs a tight ship with the different verticals and products of Saru. With his experience of over 35 years, he is involved in the Research and Development of new products, efficacy of the existing portfolio and administration. Under his guidance, SARU continues to hold on to its past and make a better
Ashu Jain, Director
Mr. Ashu Jain has over 25 years of experience in business development and marketing of special metal products for the nuclear and radiation shielding industry. He completed his graduation from the prestigious St. Stephens College in New Delhi and has a Masters in Business Administration from Oklahoma State University
Tarush Jain, Director
The new blood of Saru Group, Mr. Tarush Jain showcases 7 years of experience, and has been instrumental in building the Saru Shielding product portfolio. Mr. Tarush is a BITS Pilani graduate and is now responsible for new technology integration at Saru, design and engineering of new products and their production. He always has his eyes open for efficiency and productivity increasing systems.