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Saru manufactures and supplies various types of Lead wool/lead rope made to customer specifications and depending upon the application for difficult to access areas.
Saru lead wool, a flexible radiation shielding material, is available in special fine, medium and rough grades for highly effective radiation shielding. It is ideal for filling openings where sheet, plate or bricks are not feasible to use. It acts as a fast and easy joint material for cast iron, cement, earthenware pipes and aperture of walls and ceilings. Lead wool is used for radiation protection, water proofing, moisture barrier and sealing/caulking joints in gas, water and sewer installations.
Saru Lead wool is available in different Alloy grades, Cross sections, Strand lengths and Density. It can be twisted into a rope form. It is a very reliable, maintenance free and a universal sealing material.
Lead wool is shipped in specialized packing to prevent moisture and oxidation.
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