Manufacturing Processes
At Saru we control numerous technical parameters for metal fabrication. We deploy a combination of in-house production processes combined with dependability on our selected and proven vendors to turn out precision semi-finished and finished parts made of Alloys, Wires, Pipes, Tubes, Profiles, Seal, Preforms, Sheet, Strips, Foil, Pulver Powder etc.
Melting Multi capacity and multi-capability furnaces including inert gas melting
and alloying
Alloying Temperature and process controlled alloying pots of various capacities
Casting Automatic, semi automatic, manual, die, gravity, pressure
(closed loop cooling & temperature controls)
Extrusion Multi capacity extrusion presses to draw into wire, rods, pipes, strips and
various other shapes.
Wire Drawing Multiple machines/processes to suit the product alloy
Rolling Breakdown, slitting, finishing and coiling
Forming Flow forming
Stamping Sheet Metal Parts, preforms
Machining Wide range of machining capabilities in house and with our dependable vendors.
Atomizing Powder, Pellets, Shots, Balls.
Coating Tin Coating on Lead.
Welding Special Lead Welding, Special Steel Welding
Pouring Lead Pouring with NDT Testing.
Painting Spray, powder
Labeling As per customer specifications.
Assembly Assembly of various parts is undertaken at customer requests.
Cold Forging Capable of pressing desired shapes to achieve a high integrity of
radiation shielding. 
Fabrications Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Lead fabrications in house and
with dependable vendors
Pressure Die-Casting For making precision die cast parts as per customer specifications
Design, Development and Custom Fabrication is undertaken on client requests. Saru works with clients to help design, develop proof of concept and sample products which may then be mass manufactured at Saru after approvals.
Saru maintains a list of approved vendors who work under Saru's Technical and Quality supervision.
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