Lead Bricks
Lead Pots / Shipping Containers
Mobile Clear Lead Screens
Nuclear Medicine Accessories
Pipe Shielding
Syringe Shielded Carrier
Self Adhesive Lead Sheet
Lead Lined Products
Lead Strip
Table top Shield
Shielded Waste Container
L Block Shield (PET)
Lead lined storage safe
Hot Cell
Lead lined walls/boards
Saru has over 50 years experience of manufacturing high quality lead products. We offer a “one-stop” solution to your needs for individually tailored, reliable and professionally installed radiation shielding. We manufacture and supply radiation shielding products needed to safely, comfortably, and economically, shield healthcare workers and their patients from radiation. From simple lead parts for X Ray machines, lead pots for carrying radio isotopes, lead screens to custom lead shielding Saru products provide effective radiation shielding for every medical, dental or veterinary application.


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