Our factory produces lead building products along with a range of associated lead products for the construction industry that are suitable for buildings of every type across the World.

Our production facility comprises of two 60 tonne melting pots and an 18 tonne/hour rolling mill which allows us to create bespoke lead products in a range of shapes and designs, from lead sheets, lead pipe shielding and decorative lead fixings. The capabilities of Calder’s high performance factory means that we can in most cases produce lead products to your specific and bespoke requirements.

Today’s construction industry needs economical materials that deliver long term performance with minimal impact on natural resources. By these criteria, lead may just be the perfect building material. Lead lasts longer and ages more beautifully than any inferior synthetic substitute and is perfect for weatherproofing because of its resistance to corrosion. It is the most recovered and recycled building material in use today, even its reclamation is energy efficient. Through its proven performance and longevity, lead is the foundation of a multitude of modern sustainable building products.
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